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We strive to provide exceptional quality dental care in an honest, compassionate & caring manner.

Welcome to Medford Dentists Abbett & Associates! We are thankful for this opportunity to introduce ourselves. 

We have been serving Medford, Oregon’s dental needs since since 1992. We hope you will find our practice is unique in many ways. 

We consider you, the patient, the heart of our practice. We will involve and depend on you, during the course of your treatment. Dental health is a team approach with one goal—to add confidence to your smile through healthy teeth and gums.

As your primary care dentist, we’ll give you the care you need, from fitting a new porcelain crown or fixing a denture to brightening your smile.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected throughout the office. Every choice we make–in procedures, training and technology–is guided by a simple rule: it must be the most advanced, patient-friendly approach available in the practice of dentistry. It’s worth it just to see you smile!

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Below are videos on how we treat various dental situations. Want to see and learn more about the dental procedures we perform? Check out our other dental education videos.

Cracked Tooth
Progression of Decay