The Perils of a Bad Bite

No, we’re not talking about being attacked by a junkyard dog. That’s perilous enough! The bite in question here is your own bite—the way your lower teeth and your upper teeth come together. A bad bite can be responsible for several woes you might not necessarily connect, like headaches, unsightly […]

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Introducing CEREC®

We are often asked if we can do full or partial tooth restorations. Not only can we do them, we use the latest technology! Introducing CEREC®—Ceramic restorations as natural as living teeth. The CEREC system can be used for partial and full crowns, veneers, and in all single-tooth restorations. And […]

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Dental Emergencies Clip & Post

Courtesy of your dentists Drs. Abbett, McClay & Thompson.  If any of these occur, call & come in for an appointment as soon as possible! 541-779-9059 Aching Tooth–Rinse mouth vigorously with cool or warm water. If swelling is present, apply cold compress on the outside of the face. Never apply […]

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For half a century we’ve known that fluoride benefits teeth. But although most people mistakenly think that drinking water with fluoride hardens enamel from within, actually the enamel is hardened by fluoride’s direct contact with your teeth. This can be via your drinking water or other fluoride sources such as […]

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That Family Feeling

It’s built on love and shared memories of working together toward common goals. We are happy to be able to work with you toward the goal of keeping your family healthy as they grow. You do your part by making sure each family member comes in for regular dental exams, […]

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Your Health History

Start Off Right A new year—time to update your health history. Your dental care is part of your total health-care package. Have you:   ☐ Experienced any new allergies or sensitivities?   ☐ Quit smoking (or started)?   ☐ Begun taking new medications, even over-the-counter drugs?   ☐ Had any accidents […]

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