August 18, 2016

Will You Still Need Me When I’m 64

Most everything still works, but let’s admit it, you’re getting a little older. Maybe you hear your joints creaking, and you’re wearing glasses to read. Your hair stylist suggests new ways to cover the gray.

Face it—your teeth aren’t as young as they used to be either. Teeth naturally change as we age, meandering and crowding each other. Their color darkens over the years, and they sometimes suffer a chip or a gap along the way. Everything starts to drift, wrinkle and sag.

Fight back! We can help. Cosmetic dentistry—once reserved for the rich and famous—has become accessible to the general public. And there’s a long list of repairs and enhancements we can make today that were unheard of in our parents’ time. The choice of dental materials is wonderful and new as well.

What we can do: For transforming color and repairing minor imperfections, we offer whitening, bonding and veneers.

  • Bonding is a quick and easy way to repair chipped or discolored teeth, giving them ‘love’ contours and a glossy translucent sheen.
  • Veneers are like a manicure for your teeth. These thin, very strong coatings over natural teeth can hide a multitude of sins. Veneers can brighten the shine, cover chips, and contour your teeth. Crooked teeth become straight and true, and crowding is relieved.
  • Implants are a wonderful option for all adults. They look, feel and act just like real teeth.

Wherever you are on your personal timeline, the health and beauty of your teeth, mouth and gums can be improved, even revived. We have choices, lots of them. Just ask.

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