August 21, 2016

Up With Feet

You eat and drink smart. You balance exercise with rest, and you avoid habits that harm your health. But have you neglected your feet?

Foot doctors tell us that the average 50 year old has walked nearly 75,000 miles, nearly three times the distance between San Francisco and New York City. Feet deserve some respect.

So change your socks at least daily. If your feet sweat much, look for socks that wick away excess moisture.

Use sunscreen on any parts of your feet that are exposed, whether you’re wearing sandals or open-toe shoes or are just lying barefoot on the beach.

Moisturize your feet daily. When possible, use a urea-based cream rather than one containing alcohol.

Think twice before donning flip-flops. They can cause your heels to slide, they offer no arch support, and they leave your feet exposed to the bacteria that abound in public places.

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