April 1, 2019

April Fools!

April Fools has been around as early as the late 1300’s.

“Celebrated” all over the world for centuries—pranks include printing a single false story on the front page of newspapers in Scandinavia, a day of jokes in Poland, attaching a paper fish to the victim’s back without being noticed in French-speaking countries, shouting out fake news in Iran, and passing letters with the message ”send the fool further” in Ireland.

Here are some Dental Myths and Old Wives’ tales for you. They’ve been around since the first toothache. Many are funny—and false!

“For tooth polish, use powder ground from 1 rabbit’s head plus 3 mice.”(Hippocrates)

“To help children’s teeth grow, take the brain of a hen and rub the gums therewith.”(England)

“Today’s ache is tomorrow’s extraction.” Not true! Even if the pain comes from an infected nerve, modern root canal techniques can usually save the tooth.

To prevent toothaches, “Run three times about a church—without thinking about a fox!” (England) or “Spit in the mouth of a frog to keep the pain gone.”(USA)

“Mom will lose a tooth for every child.” Not true! Pregnancy diverts calcium for fetal development. The secret is for mom to up her intake of calcium “for two”—and maintain good oral hygiene.

Dental Fortune Cookies

  • Gapped teeth? You will travel widely!
  • Broad teeth?You have a brave heart!
  • Large teeth? You will live a long life!
  • Small teeth? You own an honest soul!

This April Fools, we wish you a day of laughter and good-natured fun—and that’s no joke. 😉

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