November 1, 2019

Take Fitness With You When Traveling   

A business trip? Vacation to a distant location? Many travelers assume it would be difficult—if not impossible—to fit in healthy exercise while away from home or the gym. But that’s not true at all—it only takes a little creativity.

Traveling by car? Don’t get stuck behind the wheel for hours on end. Instead:

  • Stop often; get out; stretch. Walk briskly around rest areas.
  • Pump your arms to get blood circulating; try to keep you knees as high as your hips to help with blood flow.
  • Once you arrive, try to avoid using the car. Walk to sights, restaurants, points of interest.

Make the Hotel Your Gym Away From Home Exercising on the road doesn’t mean going to a gym. With a little creativity, your room works just fine.

  1. Lean forward on a wall or dresser. Keep legs and spine in line. Lower upper body to wall, then push back up.
  2. Sit in an armed chair with hands on arms, feet on floor, trunk erect. Pushing upwards and straightening elbows, lift out of chair. Lower yourself back into the chair. Repeat.

Fight the Negatives On a business trip, the excuse is, “I’m already stressed enough!” On a vacation, it’s “Hey, I came to have a good time!”

Fair enough. But the fact is, daily exercise actually reduces stress. A morning workout in the hotel room before a business meeting stimulates endorphin flow, making you more vibrant and prepared to deal with what’s ahead. It can also help you get more out of a vacation: walking and being active helps you experience it, not just visit it.

Make The Most of Where You Are! Business trip or vacation, by definition you’re in a new and different location. Make the most of it by exploring on foot! In the airport waiting for a flight, walk around briskly (many airports have fascinating museum-quality displays). To free yourself, first check your baggage or use airport lockers.

Take some time for exercise. You’ll come away from your vacation or business trip alert, refreshed—and as fit as when you left!

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