June 29, 2018

Our Pledge to You—Your Freedom of Choice

Your freedom to choose is a wonderful thing! As we age, we become the sum of the choices we make. We benefit from our good choices, suffer the consequences of poor ones, and thereby improve our ability to choose intelligently. Dentistry has totally transformed over our lifetimes, with the pain of most procedures reduced, or even eliminated, and cosmetic procedures now affordable for most budgets. Dentistry’s progress has increased the number of options to a sometimes bewildering array of choices.

If your teeth are chipped or decayed, we have various procedures to repair them. And we have several ways to correct such problems as crooked or crowded teeth. We may recommend a crown or a bridge if you have extensive decay or you’re missing a tooth.

We can also give your whole face a younger, healthier appearance with a variety of tooth whitening options.

It’s your mouth and your decision. Exercise your right. We are happy to work with you—whatever you choose.



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