April 12, 2018

An attractive smile or an attractive denture?

Every patient is eager to see what their new denture looks like, and for good reason. But how can you judge if it’s really going to be grand?

Coco Chanel, the world-renowned fashion designer, once said that if you notice a lady’s clothes, she’s poorly dressed; if you notice the lady instead, she’s impeccably dressed. That same philosophy can help denture patients to assess for themselves what looks right.

During the wax try-in appointment—when we’re “fine-tuning” a new denture—some people are apt to peer at the denture while they hold it in their hands, or evaluate what they see in the mirror through bifocals.

While this “view” will give you an idea of the construction of your new denture, it’s not how other people will see it.

What goes into a good denture?

The dentist can create a rugged or delicate, masculine or feminine, assertive or passive, youthful or mature look.

Youthfulness can be achieved by a curved smile line, showing the two front teeth more than those on each side, and having a darker translucent edge on those front teeth.

Teeth can be brought down where they are more visible and placed further forward to plump out a thin upper lip. If teeth are arranged evenly in a flat line, it makes a person look older.

Any of these qualities can be realized in a new denture, but they won’t show while the denture is in your hand. A good dentist invests time and all his skill to make your denture look best—in your mouth, where it belongs.

Look at your denture in the mirror from a conversational distance, while you talk or smile.

And if your friends don’t notice it, it’s a good denture.

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