March 5, 2018

Keeping Your Resolutions?

You are average if you are still keeping your New Years resolutions after one month, above average if you’re still on track after six months.

If you are above average in determination, good for you! You have an advantage when it comes to health and happiness.

But average can be meaningless when it comes to your dental needs. We’ve all heard that you should see your dentist twice yearly for good oral health, but that’s based on an average. You—or someone close to you—may need to come in more often.

Each person’s oral chemistry is as unique as a fingerprint. Some mouths are more pre-disposed to tartar buildup. Others may be prone to tooth decay. Still others may be heading for periodontal problems that need to be nipped in the bud.

The best time to schedule a dental hygiene appointment is right now, while you’re thinking about it. We can do that all-important thorough cleaning and also help you with a treatment schedule tailored to you specifically.


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