February 21, 2019

Pulling Your Baby’s Baby Tooth

After age six, kids lose their baby teeth and start acquiring their grownup set. Once in a while there’s a dangling incisor that shouldn’t stay in the mouth but isn’t coming out, either. Here is what moms and dads need to know about removing a baby tooth:

Do it! A hanging tooth needs to be removed. It’s probably not getting brushed, and the socket becomes a magnet for bacterial invasion.

Rock it out gently. Fold a clean square of tissue and grip the tooth firmly, but don’t force it. 

Have a frozen juice bar handy. It works as a cold compress to control bleeding and swelling…as well as a spirit-lifting treat at the end of the operation.

Don’t use string! And don’t hesitate to call on us for professional assistance, especially if the tooth won’t come out easily.



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