March 26, 2019

Got the Springtime Blues?  

Call it the blues, call it the blahs, call it a funk. It strikes us all from time to time, like a spell of bad weather. Springtime can get us down with its sudden temperature changes (summer one day; winter the next)…the loss of that valuable weekend hour when Daylight Savings kicks in…bills and tax woes.

There are plenty of ways to battle a spell of gray clouds. The first and easiest is to focus on what’s going RIGHT instead of what went WRONG. Seek out those times in your life when something awful could have happened—and didn’t!

Other Proven Blues-busters:

  • Open the shades, get out of the house and away from TV and computer screens.
  • Stretch your legs. Park in a far corner of the lot and walk. Exercise is good, and lifts your spirits as well.
  • Communicate with your partner or a good friend. Describe what’s troubling you. Getting it off your chest can also get it off your back.
  • Don’t get overwhelmed by huge tasks. Break them into a series of smaller ones that you can accomplish. Then reward yourself when you do!


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