October 11, 2019

Your Mouth: A Gift to You    

It’s a gift you open every day, a gift that keeps on giving.

Your healthy mouth is an important asset in many ways. Your beautiful smile featuring sturdy white teeth in healthy pink gums can open doors professionally and socially.

But your mouth is also an indicator of your good health overall. Research has demonstrated a link between oral problems and trouble elsewhere in your body. The sooner a problem is discovered, the sooner it gets nipped in the bud. Many diseases can be identified by an oral exam, including viral infections and vascular disorders.

Your mouth is where teeth, skin, muscle, fluids and germs meet. Problems can arise, like gum disease—periodontitis—which can increase your risk of stroke, heart disease, even diabetes.

Just as your car needs its routine oil-and-lube to keep running smoothly, your mouth needs regularly scheduled maintenance. Call it the ten thousand smile check-up.

When you get yours, we’ll review your dental history, clean your teeth, and check for cavities. We’ll evaluate the texture, color and condition of your tongue and gums, even screen for oral cancer.

We like to do this twice yearly, although some above average cases—dentally speaking—may need more. We’ll let you know. Call us now for an appointment: 800-210-0630.


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