Root Canal Therapy

When a patient comes to our office with an infected nerve in a tooth, root canal therapy can save a precious tooth from extraction. Sometimes infection can be present even if there is no discomfort. Root canal treatment (endodontic therapy) is necessary when the nerve of a tooth becomes damaged […]

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The Time is Now for Shingles Vaccine

If you are 60 and know you had chicken pox as a child (or teen) the time is now for your shingles vaccination. Shingles are an extremely painful herpes virus which strikes older adults. People who have the shot reduce their risk by about half of having a severe outbreak. […]

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When Cold Sores Go From Bad to Worse

Cold sores (more properly known as outbreaks of herpes simplex virus) are a common misery known to many, if not most of us. Typically, they appear in warm moist environments, like the inside of the mouth. They can be spread by kissing or intimate contact with infected others, but these […]

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The Perils of a Bad Bite

No, we’re not talking about being attacked by a junkyard dog. That’s perilous enough! The bite in question here is your own bite—the way your lower teeth and your upper teeth come together. A bad bite can be responsible for several woes you might not necessarily connect, like headaches, unsightly […]

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Dental Emergencies Clip & Post

Courtesy of your dentists Drs. Abbett, McClay & Thompson.  If any of these occur, call & come in for an appointment as soon as possible! 541-779-9059 Aching Tooth–Rinse mouth vigorously with cool or warm water. If swelling is present, apply cold compress on the outside of the face. Never apply […]

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