tooth restoration

CEREC® Ceramic restorations as natural as living teeth!

Now in just one appointment you can have a metal-free restoration as natural looking and strong as an original tooth. CEREC is a computer-controlled system that creates a tooth replacement from a single block of white, biocompatible, plaque-resistant ceramic. The effect on your smile is amazing! Not only is the […]

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You’re Not Getting Older—You’re Getting Better!

If you’re old enough to remember when Clairol introduced that slogan for their Loving Care product line, you have gotten a whole lot better. Forty years better. Back then, if you wished to look younger, coloring your graying hair was your best option. You accepted that your face would wrinkle, your […]

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Root Canal Therapy

When a patient comes to our office with an infected nerve in a tooth, root canal therapy can save a precious tooth from extraction. Sometimes infection can be present even if there is no discomfort. Root canal treatment (endodontic therapy) is necessary when the nerve of a tooth becomes damaged […]

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