June 13, 2017

Your Marvelous Maturity

Every age has its pros and cons. Goodbye, acne. Hello, wrinkles. You can make the most of your life, whatever your age, by continuing your good habits and maybe adding a few new ones.

  • Start moving! Walking feels great, especially if you do it outdoors. Take a friend with you, or the family dog. Sign up for a dance class.
  • Eat well. Crave a mealtime adventure? Head for a fresh produce market for a variety of fruits or vegetables you haven’t yet tried.
  • Drink like a fish—plenty of water and other clear liquids.
  • Shade your skin with sunscreen, the hands-free alternative to a parasol for keeping your complexion youthfully creamy.
  • Shed the smoking habit entirely, and be moderate about alcohol consumption.
  • Consider supplements. As we age, we may need more vitamins B-6, B-12, D, E and folic acid, and minerals like iron and calcium. But make sure to ask your doctor before stocking up, as certain products may interfere with medicines you are taking.
  • Use it or lose it applies to your brain now more than ever. Join a writers group, solve puzzles, return to school.
  • Think prevention. This includes regular dental appointments, especially now that gum disease has been shown to be linked to heart disease and stroke. Ask your doctor about drug therapy for high blood pressure and high cholesterol, biophosphates if you’re at risk for osteoporosis, and low-dose aspirin to fend off heart disease and possibly colorectal cancer.
  • Watch for changes. Taste buds fade gradually with age, but an overnight loss of taste or smell needs medical attention. If you experience dry mouth, common in mature mouths, tell us. We’ll identify the source of the problem and recommend appropriate treatment.
  • Help someone. Your face will acquire a radiant glow reflecting the joy you feel.

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