November 21, 2019

Tis The Season—Maximum Benefits, Maximum Dentistry 

Part of your holiday plans should be dentistry. Sounds like an odd mix, decorations and dental work. But for our insured patients, this is the season ripe for getting the most out of benefits.

For plans that impose a new out-of-pocket deductible with the new calendar year, use what benefits remain now. You’ve earned them.

With finely-tuned planning—we can help—your annual maximum benefit can be “doubled” by spanning treatment from year-end over to 2020. If your maximum benefit for this year is $1000, the new year brings another $1000. Now you’re working with $2000. It can go a long way.

Don’t drop the ball. Get the treatment you and your family need now, before benefits disappear. Unused benefits are a sure loss to you, a sure gain for the insurer.

Who needs this windfall more? Call our office today at 800-210-0630 to check your benefits.

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